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Collegiate Programming Examination (CPE)

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2020 Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) Graduate Requirements

2019 Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) Graduate Requirements

2018 Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) Graduate Requirements

2017 Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) Graduate Requirements

2020 Master of Science(MS) Graduate Requirements

2019 Master of Science(MS) Graduate Requirements

2018 Master of Science(MS) Graduate Requirements

2017 Master of Science(MS) Graduate Requirements

2016 Master of Science(MS) Graduate Requirements

2015 Master of Science(MS) Graduate Requirements

2014 Master of Science(MS) Graduate Requirements

2013 Master of Science(MS) Graduate Requirements

The CSIE graduate programs are designed based on the faculty specialties, disciplines and facilities with special emphasis on intra- and inter-disciplinary collaboration with domestic and international partners. A great variety of research topics are grouped into three main domains, including:

·         Computer Networking and Distributed Systems
o        Broad-band mobile communication, wireless network, network security, intelligent sensor network.
·         Software Engineering and Embedded Systems
o        Software engineering, knowledge engineering, software procedure, embedded realtime operating systems, system securities, clustered systems.
·         Information Science & Applications
o        Multimedia and digital learning, pattern recognition, speech recognition, multimedia information indexing, embedded systems and applications in multimedia, sequence analysis and database design, functional genomics and applications, Data mining and visualization, microarray images and data analysis.

The CSIE undergraduate program is carefully designed based on the computer science (CS) curriculum recommended by IEEE/ACM, and fine-tuned to accommodate the core knowledge set required for IT professionals in Taiwan. The program complies with the criteria advised by IEET (Institute of Engineering Education Taiwan), which charted by the ministry of education serves to promote and implement accreditation of engineering and technology programs in Taiwan based on criteria that are substantially equivalent to those adopted by the Washington Accord signatories. The program has been awarded accreditation starting academic year 2006. We have invested 50 million NT dollars in building comprehensive undergraduate laboratories, making that every student at least owns an independent set of computer/hardware facilities for their practices. In addition to the required and elective technical subjects, we also include courses designed for the general capacity and discipline which IT engineers are expected to possess, e.g., "Business management and ethics", "Communication skills and leadership", "Intellectual properties", "Knowledge management", etc. Furthermore, every student is required to go for a 2-month summer internship in IT companies at the end of his/her junior year, for the purpose of reinforcement of their school learning with actual field works. This way the students are trained to be able to combine academic theories with industrial strength, and are well prepared for the challenges laid ahead throughout his or her career development.
In addition to what are mentioned above, CSIE at Chang Gung University features the followings:
·         A learner-oriented curriculum. Course contents and teaching methods are evaluated and adjusted each semester subject to the responses from students.
·         Theorem and practice are equally important. Going into the sophomore year, there are two software-related courses each semester for promoting their software design capability and one to two hardware courses practicing electronic circuits and microcomputers, so as to make our graduates competitive in both the software and hardware design.
·         We have designed and implemented an online tracking tool for monitoring the advancement of programming capability from students. The system also provides early warnings for the ones who considerably fell behind, so that the teachers or administrators may intervene and offer helps.
·         We invite six to eight IT professionals for giving lectures or seminars every semester, so that our students may follow closely to the latest R&D technologies from industries.
·         Laboratory equipments are comprehensive, and are open to students 24 hours a day. Every graduate student is assigned his/her own PC throughout the length of stay, and every single undergraduate student is assigned a PC for hands-on sessions in a computer classroom.
·         Except laying on the innovatory IT works, we are committed to the development of prototyped systems to the prove-of-concepts, as well as to collaborate with the College of Management and College of Medicine for interdisciplinary collaboration.
Course details can be retrieved online at CGU’s portal (in Chinese) at the link