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Announcement of the 2023 NCHC-NVIDIA TWCC "High Performance Computing (HPC) Simulation Research Project" project results winner list and award amount

The laboratory and master's student Huang Kuibo himself recently received an important honor.
Won the award in the "112th NCHC-NVIDIA TWCC High-Performance Computing (HPC) Simulation Research Project".
Huang hopes that through this sharing, we will not only introduce our achievements, but also share this honor with colleagues in the department.
The following is an introduction to the research topics and results of our laboratory this time:
In the fierce competition across Taiwan, the research project of Huang Kuibo, a master's student in the Department of Information Engineering at Chang Gung Memorial University, and his supervisor Nian Zhenfu stood out among the 10 approved projects and ranked in the top two, showing the Chang Gung Memorial University. The Department of Information Technology has innovative capabilities and a leading position in the field of high-performance computing.
The core of this project lies in the innovative parallel tempering optimization parallel computing framework, which integrates the CUDA architecture and Nvidia Cublas Library's Tensor Cores technology to achieve significant performance improvements on the GPU platform. Compared with traditional CPU architectures, our GPU systems demonstrate thousands to tens of thousands of times faster computing speeds in specific applications. This speed revolution sets new standards for large-scale data processing.
Research on the application focused on the Nurse Scheduling Problem (NSP) and successfully satisfied all nine hard constraints, which is a major challenge in traditional methods. Through advanced computing strategies, it not only achieves significant breakthroughs in technology, but also provides efficient and reliable solutions to complex scheduling problems.
This achievement sets a new milestone in the field of high-performance computing and lays a solid foundation for solving various large-scale computing challenges in the future.

The winner, Huang Kuibo, will receive a $5,000 bonus from NVIDIA.
His supervisor, Mr. Nian Jianfu, can also obtain a free usage quota for NCHC TWCC ($10,000 equivalent to the National Science Council accounting quota).

The 2023 NCHC-NVIDIA TWCC "High Performance Computing (HPC) Simulation Research Project" project aims to cultivate talents in high performance computing (High Performance Computing, HPC) simulation related fields. It is expected that by combining NCHC TWCC GPU computing resources & NVIDIA HPC related Toolkits/SDKs, support and reward university thematic students,master's and doctoral graduate students to conduct research projects related to HPC simulation-related application analysis, expand R&D capacity and talent training service effectiveness, and enhance Taiwan's research level in HPC simulation-related fields and international competitiveness.

A total of 10 research projects were approved for this project and all were implemented by the end of November. We are pleased to announce the two winners of outstanding achievements as follows:
1. Bai Peixin, a master's student in the Department of Water Conservancy and Ocean Engineering, National Cheng Kung University, and Mr. Dai Yiqin, the supervisor
2. Huang Kuibo, a master's student in the Information Engineering Department of Chang Gung Memorial University, and Mr. Nian Jianfu, the supervisor
Each winner will receive a $5,000 bonus from NVIDIA, and his or her supervisor will also receive a free NCHC TWCC quota ($10,000 equivalent to the National Science Foundation's accounting quota).
Sincere congratulations to the above two winners. Her/their outstanding achievements have been fully recognized in the implementation of this project. We would also like to thank all the students who participated in this project for their support of this project.


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