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112th Academic Year Information Engineering Department and Artificial Intelligence Bachelor's Degree Program Joint Graduation Exhibition

Chang Gung Memorial University holds joint graduation exhibition to showcase the diverse aspects of digital smart life applications


Reporter : Chen Zhiming
Tuesday, December 5, 2023 7:02 am

The Department of Information Engineering of Chang Gung Memorial University and the Artificial Intelligence Bachelor's Degree Program held a joint graduation thematic exhibition on campus today (5th). 26 groups of works were unveiled, showing the diverse aspects of digital intelligent life applications. The opening ceremony invited Cai Jingying, deputy general manager and chief technical architect of Microsoft Technology Center in Taiwan, to give a speech introducing Microsoft's development in the field of generative AI. Several groups of students' projects have won awards from different national competitions, proving the integrity and application value of their works and worthy of applause.
The "Intelligent Sensory Integration Ability Assessment System" of the Department of Information Technology won first place in the national information competition. Picture: Provided by Chang Gung Memorial University


Chen Renhui, director of the Department of Engineering at Chang Gung Memorial University, said that students continue to find ways to show their innovation capabilities and R&D energy from failures. Among the 18 groups of works, 7 groups of works have been recognized as national competition awards, which is not easy. On the other hand, the AI ​​bachelor's degree program welcomed its first graduates this year. Director Zhang Xianzong happily shared that the 8 sets of works are the meticulous work of the students for a year and a half. Before they were exhibited, 3 sets had won multiple national competitions. The award demonstrates that students not only possess AI professional knowledge, but also have innovative application capabilities across fields.


Zhang Yunting, a student from the Department of Engineering, introduced the "Automated Quantum Heuristic Annealing Calculator". Picture: Provided by Chang Gung Memorial University

Chang Gung Memorial University mentioned that in this joint graduation exhibition, the special topic "Automated Quantum Heuristic Annealing Calculator" was implemented by four students Zhang Junting, Liu Zhenyu, Zhao Wenrui, and Lin Jiawei under the guidance of Nian Jianfu, a teacher from the Department of Engineering. With the support of Xu Bingjian, he worked hand in hand with Compal Computer Company to participate in the "2023 AI+ Rookie Selection Competition" hosted by the Digital Development Department. He passed the final selection with outstanding innovative technology and won a bonus of 400,000 yuan. The relevant technical achievements were also submitted to the IEEE ISOCC top academic seminar in 2024 and were accepted.

The AI ​​bachelor's degree program "Smart Toilet - AI Detection Combined with Automatic Notification System" has won first place in multiple national competitions. Picture: Provided by Chang Gung Memorial University


In addition, Chang Gung Memorial University stated that 6 groups of works won 8 awards in the 2023 "Information Application Service Innovation Competition for Colleges and Universities". AI bachelor's degree program students Wu Guanyu, Zhao Junxi, Lu Yuxuan and Hong Shiqing, under the guidance of Professor Zhang Zhewei from the Department of Engineering, won the "AUO AIoT Smart Field and ESG Application Excellence Award" for their "Smart Toilet - AI Detection Combined with Automatic Notification System" The champion of the "Information Application Group 8" and the masterpiece of the "Information Application Group 8", and won the first place in the "Sustainable Technology Group" in the "7th Chuangchuang AIoT Competition". This system uses sensor chips and AI technology to instantly detect abnormalities including toilet odor, smoke smell, toilet paper volume, lighting abnormalities, water accumulation, usage time, etc., and improves maintenance efficiency through LINE notifications, enhances user experience, and enhances Management efficiency and improving public health are indispensable parts of smart city construction.
Chang Gung Memorial University mentioned that the "Intelligent Sensory Integration Ability Assessment System" developed by Yang Dengxiang, Wu Jiadian, Lin Jingci, and Lin Haohui, students of the Department of Engineering, under the guidance of teacher Xie Wanyun and teacher Cheng Xinyi of the Early Childhood Treatment Center, won the "Information Application Group Five" "First place. This system combines digital sensing floor mats with games designed by students to assess the subject's balance, memory, and reaction. Through the scales, radar charts, and expert advice generated by the system, the assessors can understand the subjects. The tester's sensory integration ability is insufficient, and then a suitable training course is designed. It can not only be effectively used in the potential development of special education groups or school-age children, but can also assist in rehabilitation training research related to the elderly group.
In addition, Chang Gung Memorial University stated that AI bachelor's degree students Liao Caiwei, Liu Kaichan, Lin Li, and Du Yunhua won the "Information Application Group" of the 2022 College Information Innovation Competition with their "Laundry Secretary-Intelligent Washing Machine Status Detection System" in their junior year. "Ten" second place for sure. Under the guidance of teacher Zhao Yiping, the team detected and collected vibration signals when the washing machine was operating in six different stages, including water filling, washing, and dehydration. It used edge computing and artificial intelligence to automatically classify laundry, and allowed users to remotely perform laundry classification. It can check the status of the machine via the terminal and send a message notification after the washing process is completed. Currently, this special topic has also applied for a Taiwan invention patent.
Chang Gung Memorial University pointed out that Lian Bi Zhan's works have diverse applications, such as handwriting note-taking software to assist knowledge sharing and teamwork; a smart collar to monitor the health of furry children based on pet business opportunities; an APP to expand sales channels for small farmers; Warm and caring chatbot system, etc. There are also many groups developing health and sports-related helpers or analysis systems that care for young children, seniors and specific ethnic groups, attracting many passing faculty, staff and students to stop and visit.


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