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Department of Computer Science and Information Engineering

research laboratories

Our research laboratories are clustered into the following 3 groups (with the names of PI shown in parenthesis):
·         Computer Networking and Distributed Systems
o        High Speed Network Lab (SL Wu), Networking & Distributed Systems Lab (JH Chen), High-Speed Communication and Computing Lab (CL Lee), Artificial Intelligence & Big Data Computing (ABC) Lab (PK Sahoo), Wireless Mobile Networks Lab (JM Liang)
·         Software Engineering and Embedded Systems
o        Software Engineering Lab (CG Chung), Embedded Software and Operating System Lab (CW Chang), System Architecture Lab (WY Shieh), Web Information & Data Engineering Lab. (HT Chang), SoC Lab (YC Ma).
·         Information Science & Applications
o        Multimedia Signal Processing Lab (RY Lyu), Lab for Scientific Visualization and Collaboration (JD Wei), Multimedia Security Lab (DC Lou), Lab for Medical Images (YC Chao)
o        Infectious Disease Informatics Lab (GW Chen), Medical informatics Research Lab (CC Lin), Complex Adaptive Networks and Systems Lab (CY Huang), Parallel Processing and Computational Biology Lab (CY Lin)