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Department of Computer Science and Information Engineering
Facilities and Equipments
Facilities and Equipments

 Our teaching facilities include:
·         Computer Labs x 2 (each with 69 PCs),10 MAC for Apple iOS 
·         Digital Design Lab
o      70 CPLD evaluation boards
o      390 digital design instruments (function generator, logic analyzer, power supply, digital storage oscilloscope etc)
·         Microprocessors & Embedded Systems Software Lab
o      68 microprocessor evaluation boards (Big 8051 for x86, Nios II , c etc)
o      66+ embedded system evaluation boards (PAD for Android, XScale270, OMAP5912 etc)
o      23+ Embedded Multicore Development Kit TK1 
·         Computer Networks Lab
o      Internet TCP/IP Protocol Training System x 68
o      OPNET IT Guru Academic Edition x 68
o      Riverbed Modeler Academic Edition  x 68
o      Cisco 1800 Router x 2
o      Cisco Catalyst 2950 Switch x 2
·         Demo Room x1
·         Lecture Rooms x 2
·         Discussion/Meeting Rooms x 4