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Department of Computer Science and Information Engineering

About us


Electronics and information technologies are the leading industries in Taiwan, both extensively require young blood to join each year in order to maintain the lead and further push the industries forward. However according to the statistics from the Council for Economic Planning and Development, Execute Yuan, there is still a significant short-supply of well-trained engineers that meet the needs. In particular, there is a much urgent demand for qualified software engineers. In view of this, we have equipped the department with the ultimate goals to educate people with comprehensive trainings in systems integrated with information engineering, communication and biotechnology.

In lieu of this, Chang Gung University established its Graduate Institute of Computer Science and Information Engineering in 2001, with 15 new master students to begin with. The undergraduate program of Computer Science and Information Engineering followed by recruiting its 44 freshmen in 2003. Since then the department has grown in size and as of 2016 there are

‧ 19 tenured or tenure track faculty
‧ 23 graduate students (Doctor of Science)
‧ 56 graduate students
 (Master of Science)
‧ 225 undergraduate students
‧ 3 administrative staff

Beginning in 2007 we started our Ph.D. program as one of the two branches in the Graduate Institute of Electric Engineering, Chang Gung University. We now have 23 Ph.D. students.

Academic Programs

Our teaching/research programs provide a wide variety of opportunities in three main areas: Computer Networking and Distributed Systems, Software Engineering and Embedded Systems, and Information Science & Applications (including Multimedia and Signal Processing, Data Mining, Artificial Intelligence, Medical Informatics, Bioinformatics, etc.)


Visions and Goals

The major research areas of our department consist of Information System Designs, Information Application Techniques, and Computer Network Techniques. In addition to the innovation and research topics of Computer Science, the interdisciplinary research with the College of Medicine and the College of Management is also conducted. Based on the requirements and challenges of Health Care, our department has developed various information/network systems to establish our distinguishing characteristics.